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A look inside the treasure chest

by Paula Anderson

Hats, jewelry accessories & unique apparel are just a few items that you will find at The Treasure Chest Boutique located near the Downtown area. 

Joann Parker, founder of The Treasure Chest, opened the boutique because of her interest in fashion and interior design.  After working 30 years in corporate sales at FedEx, she became an entrepreneur. 

“The boutique allows me to merge my love of fashion with my desire and calling to give back,” said Parker.    

Parker’s spiritual foundation is the basis for her leap into entrepreneurship.  “After much prayer and questioning my purpose in life, this became apparent to me after reading the book, The Prayer of Jabez. 

The boutique serves women from all ages. 

“I have a broad customer base in age, typically 25 to 90 years-old; from the hip young adult to the stylish senior citizen, conservative business-woman or first lady,” added Parker. 

Joann Parker - Photo Credit: Paula Anderson

Most entrepreneurs receive motivation from other entrepreneurs who have traveled the same path, but her family served as her inspiration. 

Parker said, “As a child growing up, my parents and pastor always taught us the importance of being concerned about others.  I remember asking my father why he would throw bread out the back door. He said, “the birds have to eat too!” Even as my parents aged and retired, my mother continued to collect can goods for the church pantry.” 

Some business owners give back to charities after earning a profit.  

“Parker said, “Our outreach initiatives primarily support organizations with a focus on providing services to the homeless community. A few of our benefactors are Calvary Rescue Mission, Memphis Union Mission-Moriah House, Mission Possible, MIFA and Lott Carey Foreign Mission.

Businesses thrive when customers receive good service and a quality product. 

Parker founded her business on the biblical scripture verse in Matthew 6:19-21 (KJV) and strives to be a profitable entity with a social mission. 

“Our goal is to support non-profit organizations and encourage others to give back whether in word or deed.”

The Treasure Chest is located at 139 E. E.H.Crump, Memphis, TN 38106.

To reach Joann Parker, contact her at 901-774-2007.

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