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Emerging and enterprising entrepreneurs

Memphis Small Business Quarterly was birthed in 2017 to increase awareness and exposure of local entrepreneurs in the Memphis area. Our goal is to recognize emerging and enterprising entrepreneurs who did exposure.

Below are entrepreneurs who offer services to help other entrepreneurs grow their business and knowledge.

Gary Robinson, SCORE Memphis

Beverly Anderson and Nina Allen, Entrepreneur Training Institute

Lameka Ivy, Ivy Mediation and Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Sharp, Sharp Lifestyle Communications

We are always interested in stories about women and men who have products and services to share.

Pictured: Nina Allen, Gary Robinson, Paula Anderson, Lameka Ivy, Jennifer Sharp and Beverly Anderson - Photo Credit: Issac Singleton

We have recently launched another project to feature entrepreneurs. Candid Conversations with Entrepreneurs

Watch the video interview with Carolyn Michael-Banks, owner of A Tour of Possibilities. She talks about the African-American sites that are available for tours in Memphis.

If you would like to be featured, send a summary about your business to

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