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Entrepreneur opportunities are on the horizon in 2020

by Paula Anderson

As the new year starts, this is a great time to plan for business growth. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is one of the entities that can help entrepreneurs learn, develop and scale. 

SBA is a governmental entity and it has provided resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners since 1963.

According to the SBA website, there are resources for business planning, marketing, government contracting and financing. 

Ashley Bell, regional administrator for U.S. SBA, recently announced Opportunity and Entrepreneurship Summits, according to a press release. 

Courtesy Photo of Ashley Bell

“Throughout 2020, I have plans to tour the nation and host Opportunity and Entrepreneurship Summits. These events will help educate entrepreneurs on the opportunities that exist through investment in Opportunity Zones,” said Bell. 

The summits will cover three areas: 1) Opportunity Zones; 2) Government Contracting and 3) Access to Capital. 

They are scheduled for Columbus, OH, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Phoenix AZ, Philadelphia, PA and Las Vegas, NV. 

SBA offers an array of programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Another business growth opportunity is the Emerging Leaders program. It was established to help business owners move to the next level. Topics covered are “growth strategies plans, financing and access to capital, government contracting and CEO mentoring.”

“SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative has trained more than 5,000 small business owners, creating over 6,500 jobs, generating over $300 million in new financing, and securing over $3.16 billion in government contracts,” according to the website. 

Eric Terrell, SBA local representative, will have more details about the next cohort soon. 

Other training programs available to entrepreneurs in Tennessee are held in conjunction with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center.  

To learn more about SBA programs, contact the Tennessee District Office at, 615 736-5881, or

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