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Fitness trainer works to help improve the lives of others

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

by Jurnee Taylor

It’s a given that what you see with your own two eyes can be believable but is that belief the same when it comes to things you only can feel or hear. According to Brandon Hill’s fraternity brothers, his presence is similar to thunder; you may not always see him, but you will always feel him.

Hill, 28, also known as “Big Thunda” is a fitness enthusiast who has always had a “nice physique”. After questions regarding workouts, training and his interest in body building, he decided to start his own physical training business called “Big Thunda Fitness” in 2015.

“One thing I offer is the personal touch,” said Hill. “I want you to be fit for everything, whatever it is. I want to focus on you even when you’re not focused on yourself.”

Wallethub performed a study in 2018 and Memphis ranked number two in the percentage of obese adults in America. This statistic has been a driving influence for Thunda as he is also a Memphis native. It’s more than training to Hill. He checks in on off-days, sends motivational quotes, and even gives life support when his clients personal life is hectic.

He has learned the importance of how each client is different while also teaching clients that everyone’s body is different.

However, what sets him and his program a part is his focus on intensity. Intensity matters just as well as keeping his clients internally motivated.

Eric L. Brent, lifetime wellness instructor said, “He is one of those guys who takes his practice into his play. Mediocracy doesn’t sit well with Thunda.”“He wants to be that driving force,” added Brent.

Brent also notes that Hill has a nurturing side that most trainers don’t show. This side even comes to into action at KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle. As a physical education teacher, he loves pouring into the kids early, especially in the black community where conversations about health aren’t held often.

His message is the same everyday no matter the challenge; “It’s an easy day today!” A message that even when his time up on this earth he wants people to know that no matter what you have in front of you, it’s an easy day today.

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