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Husband and wife team offers non-traditional learning curriculum

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

by Paula Anderson

Kenda Lawson

As we listen to news reports about failing schools and low achievement, a local educational consulting firm, is making strides to address challenges faced within our school systems.

Kenda Lawson, co-founder of Owls, LLC, has used her teaching background to spark new learning opportunities for children in elementary and secondary education. She and her husband, Dominic Lawson, have partnered in business and marriage to make education exciting, engaging and long-lasting.

Their business consists of developing curricula for students. As an English Literature major and Biology minor, she has blended art and with science. She develops educational modules that assist teachers with learning outcomes in a non-traditional format.

In one of her modules, she teaches integrity and behavior modification with the incorporation of former presidents like Richard Nixon in her explanation.

Her primary clients are teachers, consumers and school systems.

Dr. Princess Parker, educational consultant, says “Kenda Lawson is an innovative educator who has been diligent in staying abreast of current educational research while serving as a lead teacher and educational consultant.”

“Her strong communication skills, outstanding leadership abilities, and love for teamwork have been impactful in her contributions to the field of education,” adds Parker.

Kenda Lawson said, “My goal is to solve problems for teachers in the school system.”

Dominic Lawson handles the financial management and forecasting for the business. Lawson served in the military for five years and had a career in the banking industry before transitioning to education and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Both are using their skill sets to educate students and entrepreneurs. Dominic Lawson hosts a podcast and helps start-up companies understand business principles and terminology. He has a weekly podcast, The Startup Life.

Additionally, he volunteers every week with a local nonprofit organization, Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE) and provides direction to students who have entrepreneurial goals.

Hardy Farrow, founder of (LITE), said, “Dominic approached him about mentoring his students. Since his first day, he has excelled at developing relationships with students. He helps them with customer feedback, team building, marketing, pitching and branding.”

Farrow describes him as “consistent, available and focused” on the student’s goals. Dominic does exactly what he says and is true to his word and Farrow admires him for his commitment to community engagement and building.

The future of our children is based on the education of today, so they can be prepared for tomorrow.

Kenda and Dominic Lawson are working each day to expand the minds of students because they value education and understand the path that is needed to be successful in life.

“As an educator, I believe it is “a path to dignity and wealth”, says Kenda Lawson.

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