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Short-term training resources are now available for entrepreneurs and small business owners

by Paula Anderson

Potential business owners who may not have the financial resources for a long-term educational program can now find short-term training in about six weeks. The Entrepreneur Training Institute, a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization, began its operation in January 2019.

Beverly Anderson, founder and chief executive officer said, “The goal is to provide training to people who want to create their own business enterprise and not seek employment.”

ETI offers three programs for business owners to take through a video course platform: Small Business Management, Income Tax Preparation and Nonprofit Management.

Anderson said, “The Income Tax Preparation class enables students to legally prepare personal income taxes which includes learning basic tax law. This class ends with certification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in addition to ETI. The nonprofit management class is designed to help assist individuals who want to establish a nonprofit organization which includes filing the application and annual reporting.”

Nina Allen-Johnson and Beverly Anderson - Photo Credit: Isaac Singleton

During the last class cycle, Angela Jett, former student, was able to learn about tax preparation.

“The class was convenient and it allowed me to learn in a small environment. It was a virtual (Skype) class and covered the basics on how to file taxes. Anderson was approachable and I was able to learn with the exercises.”

“I am prepared for the upcoming tax season," added Jett.

All of the courses are designed to teach skills to prepare entrepreneurs to run a business.

“At the completion of the program, the participants ​will be certified in their perspective course areas. ETI has a pending application through the State of Tennessee for approval as a post-secondary education provider,” said Anderson. ​

The Small Business Management program covers how to develop a functional business plan which includes target marketing, and revenue structures. One of the key essentials to starting a business is having a written plan for your idea.

Anderson said, “We teach students how to write their own functional business plan.”

“Our program is unique because it does not require general education courses like English and math,” adds Anderson.

ETI received its initial funding from ​the Philanthropist Black Women of Memphis and Pinnacle Financial Bank.

Anderson is also the president of the Home Based Business Chamber and ETI will serve as a training resources for members of the chamber.

Other staff members working with Anderson include Nina Allen-Johnson,​ Myron Mayes, ​Geraldine Hunter-Gaddis, and Marceline Vaughn Perkins.

Nina Allen-Johnson, Home-Based Business Memphis chapter president and ETI instructor said, “The Entrepreneur Institute will serve as a guiding resource for those who are looking to start their own business and those that are already in business and need some further education with regard to what they are doing.”

“I expect all the students to be eager to learn all they can about entrepreneurship. I want the students to not be afraid to ask as many questions as humanly possible. I want (to) speak to them from a place of “yes, this can be scary, but it is so rewarding. I want to share my experiences and knowledge, and I look forward to learning from them as well,” added Allen-Johnson.

To learn more about the training resources, visit their website @ or call 901-498-7675.

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