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Social networking app captures memories

by Paula Anderson

Mike Davis, founder of Eventsnap

Social media networking is at the heart of a new app idea for event planners and organizers to capture experiences and noteworthy moments during events and activities.

Mike Davis, founder of Eventsnap, said, “As a Memphian by choice from Kilmichael, Mississippi, when I moved here, I started to attend my fair share of events. Everywhere I looked, I saw people taking photos of the event.”

Davis said he wanted to see digital photos from these events, but his lack of social media connection to any of the events’ attendees prevented him from doing so. He wanted to solve a problem for event planners and organizers who always ask attendees to send photos after the event.

“While talking with a friend about an event that he and his wife attended, we discussed starting a photo booth company,” Davis said. That thought quickly turned into creating a digital photo booth app.

Eventsnap collects photos taken by its users, and as with many other social media platforms, users react to the photos via likes and comments. The app also has photo-sharing capabilities, and the embedded direct messaging feature gives event attendees additional opportunities for professional networking.

“It creates a social media network,” said Davis.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Davis has been working with other entrepreneurial ecosystems to develop this business concept. He completed Epicenter’s Co. Starters program and the 12-week Propel program offered by Start Co.

Davis wants to use his idea to help businesses and organizations celebrate the 200th bicentennial anniversary of the City of Memphis.

Currently, the app has 100 users, but the goal is to have 1,000 users before a full product launch takes place in the market. The app is in a beta testing phase for event planners and organizers.

Representatives of local leadership training organization NEXUS Leaders have used the product.

“We were so excited to test the Eventsnap app at one of our monthly speaker sessions,” said Heather Hunt, director of NEXUS. “The Eventsnap app created excitement and interaction among the NEXUS participants. It was a great outlet for NEXUS mentors and protégés to share and capture photos from the evening.”

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