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Tax season brings preparation and education for Memphians

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

by Jurnee Taylor

A New Year brings new beginnings and new opportunities and for some in particular - longer work hours.

​Tax season is one of the busiest times during the new year for tax preparers and accountants. Emmitt “Jereh” Brinson, franchise owner of Brinson Tax Service located in Whitehaven, said it is more than just putting in time to get people their refunds; it’s about education as well.

​“Not only will we prepare your taxes, we really try to educate [clients]," said Brinson.

Brinson Tax Service is only open six months out of the year, but what they teach their clients is to prepare all year so when tax season comes it’s not a stressful time. Brinson preaches that it’s important to simply know and be aware of new laws and different electronic programs that will process your return for you. Although they are convenient and sometimes free, they are still not as accurate. What those programs also lack is the personal touch.

Susan Bell, client, “I was pleased with Brinson Tax Service. Most people do your taxes and won’t try to help you out. He was approachable, I didn’t feel like I was being brushed off and you will be treated like family."

Ironically, that’s Brinson Tax Service motto “Here at Brinson, We Protect You Like Family.” The family motto is a true lifestyle for Brinson and his family. His tax business is one of two family-owned tax businesses to serve Memphis. Emmitt’s location focuses on tax prep and education and he also facilitates crash courses on taxes to help people understand the basics.

Emmitt "Jereh" Brinson, franchise owner

And when the tax season is over, he doesn’t just close shop. Throughout the year, he keeps in touch with his clients by making frequent phone calls and appointments to make sure each client is on track to a successful year.

Jarrod Mills, client said, “Even if he’s closed, he will accommodate me and that means a lot to me. He does good work, that’s all it boils down to.”

Good work that comes easy to Brinson because of his love for people. A love and service that he said when people walk through those doors in Whitehaven, they will always be treated like family and to a high standard.

Jurnee Taylor is a freelance writer for Memphis Small Business Quarterly (MSBQ). She can be reached at

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